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Feb 11, 2008 · I am second guessing myself, and I need some help paraphrasing this poem, please may you assit me ^_^ Taught Me Purple by Evelyn Tooley Hunt My Mother Taught Me Purple My mother taught me purple Although she never wore it. Wash-gray was her circle, The tenement her orbit. My mother taught me golden And held me up to see it, Above the broken molding, Beyond the filthy.

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Taught me Purple is a poem from a daughter's perspective. The girl grew up in a very poor neighbor hood, living the "wash-grey" lifestyle. Her mom was a very hard worker, and thrived to raise her daughter like royalty, although they were very far from it. The two girls always

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My mother taught me purple Although she never wore it. Wash-grey was her circle, The tenement her orbit. My mother taught me golden And held me up to see it, Above the broken moldings, Beyond the filthy street. My mother reached for beauty And for its lack she died, Who knew so much of duty She could not teach me pride.
Well-Done Example of Paraphrasing A Poem Jul 02, 2015 · Well-Done Example of Paraphrasing A Poem. Posted on July 2, 2015 by Nick. Image credit: In paraphrasing a poem, it is essential to consider some things. First, you need to ask yourself on what you should do, or ask paraphrase service UK for the help. Anyway, here are helpful tips to follow.Have you ever had to dig? Please cc this poem?Yahoo. Feb 09, 2011 · i met a man, his name was mister, he asked why I frowned did my head ache, no, my body hurts from pointed shards of broken dreams, dig, he told me, claw like a dog that searches for a marrow filled bone, rip apart the ribcage, bleed veins put hands into the core, so i did, with bloodied hands, tossing sad remains into a gutter, i spat three times said no more and walked away, alive.How to Paraphrase a PoemPen and the Pad When you paraphrase a poem, use your own words to explain the major ideas line-by-line. Paraphrasing isn't the same as explicating or analyzing a poem. The goal is to rephrase the ideas in your own words without evaluating or addressing the author's hidden messages or underlying themes. A paraphrased poem is a literal.Taught Me Purple by Riley Williams on Prezi The Poet: Evelyn Tooley Hunt Analysis of the First Stanza Being taught life lessons Being taught to lead a better life then the one a person is born into How to become something more than thought capable Analysis Second Stanza: Wash-Grey: Average Connection to Death of a SalesmanExample Of Paraphrasing A PoemParaphrase Example

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Paraphrase a Poem with Us. When you need to paraphrase a poem, we are the service that can get the job done for you. We take pride in our paraphrasing, and our process has been created to make sure that you always get the quality you are looking for no matter what.

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Poem Paraphrase: How to Do It Right. The thing that makes to try paraphrasing a poem so difficult is that your task is twofold: you have to discern the meaning and exactly what the author is trying to say, and then you have to find your own unique way of saying it without abandoning or.

How to paraphrase a poem?Yahoo Answers

Mar 17, 2009 · Best Answer: Paraphrasing the poem will be your interpretation in a document. You are free to paragraph wherever your thoughts take you, and to quit when you feel you have paraphrased. If you see symbolism -- point it out -- it will help your grade. Try to.

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